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Join Amuse Kenya at Karura Forest, Sigiria Ridge (Gate F) Monday to Sunday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM for a full range of forest activities for your children to enjoy.


Spark your child’s love for adventure! Our exciting camps offer games, orientation, survival skills and exploration in nature. Unforgettable memories await! Book their spot today!


Make birthdays magical! Our exciting service brings the fun to you. We provide engaging activities, unforgettable themes, and memories that last. Book your child’s special day today!


Unleash the classroom outdoors! Partner with us for collaborative nature programs. We offer engaging activities, skill-building adventures, and a chance to connect with the environment. Let’s spark a love for learning in nature together!


Unleash your inner explorer! Embark on an epic adventure with our exciting programs. From sleep away camps to outdoor field trips and nature exploration, unforgettable memories await! Book your child’s adventure today!


Creating Fun & Enriching Opportunities Each Day Of The Week ✦

Experience Our Summer Camp

amuse summer camp

Morning Session

09:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Ksh 1,500/= Daily
  • Book for a full week and get a discount!!

Afternoon Session

11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Ksh 1,500/= Daily
  • Book for a full week and get a discount!!

Full Day Session

09:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Ksh 2,500/= Daily
  • Book for a full week and get a discount!!

Our Calendar

Weekly Activities

amuse summer camp

Little Forest Explorers

Want to unleash your child’s inner explorer? Look no further than Little Forest Explorers! 

little forest explorers amuse kenya

Tamasha Bustani

Tamasha Bustani is a program designed to provide a fun and engaging outdoor weekend experience for kids.

Tamasha Bustani Weekends

Horse Riding

Trot into adventure! Our Horse Riding program lets kids bond with horses and learn new skills.

horse riding amuse kenya
amuse summer camp
amuse summer camp
little forest explorers amuse kenya
Tamasha Bustani Weekends
horse riding amuse kenya

Fun Outdoor Activities


Let kids test their agility and teamwork as they navigate a series of challenging structures in our obstacle course!


Navigate nature’s maze with map and compass in our exciting Orienteering adventure!


Gear up for an epic ride! Discover hidden gems and conquer new terrain with our guided bike tours.

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